Monday, July 15, 2013

Christmas in July

 This photo holder I bought on sale several years ago at a Hallmark store.  I thought it a little plain so embellished it with snow flakes, extra snowmen and trees.  It is all done in white textures which don't show well in a picture but it really is pretty.


The front cover of a covered shadow box from Tim Holtz.  I painted the edges all around the a couple inches in the make sure that there were no un-covered spaces.  Then I cut and taped the background paper to the next layer then cut and taped all the separate Santa cards together.  I did ink all the edges before assembly. 


The inside cover paper was inked as well before applying it.  The card in the middle was made to give instructions to press the center of the poinsettia to hear music. 


I'll try to tell you everything I did but I may miss some steps.  I covered the back of each box with a soft printed music sheet.  Box#1 Branch sticker, tag with old world Santa, small chalk board from Michaels $1 bin and a holly button.
box #2 old world Santa, ice skates 3d sticker, silver punched sticker, and let it snow and snowflakes stickers.
Box#3 punched silver sticker and a small book I made with pieces of scrapbook paper.  Box #4 silver foil reflector made for cupcake liner and a star brad.

   The box with the deer is just made with holly and bells from the craft supplies at Hobby Lobby.  The bells were gold so I painted them and the glittered them.  The poinsettia is a 3-d sticker with a piece of scrapbook paper and a punched snowflake.  I hid the music button behind the flowers.  The next box is a page from a calendar I bought last year, punched snowflakes, Santa with silver tinsel glued around the edge , a 3d phrase and a small bottle tree that I glittered.                                        


    The bottom left box is a small Christmas card from a piece of scrapbook paper and a tiny clothes pin holding  it and a sepia Santa near the bottom.  The next box is a small bottle wreath with ribbon and a sentiment cut from paper with a gingerbread button, candy canes and gifts. 

The last box is done with 3-d stickers

   This top right box didn't show up well in the other pictures.  It has a pair of mittens that I cut from chip board and glittered paper.  I added some fuzzy yarn at the top with some holly buttons and tied them together with jute.  The box underneath is a noel button and a silver frame with another Santa.  I did ink everything and then used snow tex all around.  There are a lot of Santas here because this is a gift for my sister who loves them.  Hope you enjoy.  I go back to work tomorrow so don't know how much more I will get to post but hopefully it won't be two years again!

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