Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New things

My it's been along time since I posted on here.  All my followers have probably given up on me but I just have had some major life changes going on and have not had time to post.  I have been re-doing my apartment and will try to post some pictures if I can remember how!  I have a new granddaughter who is now 8 months old.  Her Mom, my daughter and sister and dad live a couple doors down from me so I get to see them a lot.  They are so cute!  I still make my cards and books and tags and will try to get some pictures for you soon.  My granddaughter just had her second birthday and I made the decorations with my circuit machine.  It was all Minnie Mouse and turned out cute!  This is a cupboard I found at a local thrift shop and started painting when I thought I should do a before and after shot!

 Here are the Minnie Mouse decorations I made.

Door hanger

Table décor.  I put the sign with the number two a piece of foam core that I scored so it would bend and stand up.  The top and bottom trim is ribbon and the sides are rick rack.  The Minnie on either side will stand alone but it was too windy so just used clothes pins and fastened them to the larger sign.



 The Minnie heads are just large circles and a couple smaller for the ears and a pink bow from a cartridge.  I hung them on cord with tiny black clothes pins.


 These pictures are of my craft room.  It is very messy as it always is if I'm working on a project. 





 My card board where I put things I'm working on and ideas for new projects.




 This is just a pretty piece I made from foam core, fabric and scrapbook paper.
The piece in the ornate frame is one I did also.  You can see by these photos that I love pink and shabby chic.   I'm on vacation for another week so maybe I can get some more things on here.  I have a couple more projects to paint, an office chair and a large storage cupboard so we'll see!  I might even get to some paper crafting as I have several ideas floating around in my head.  Hope to see you all soon!  God Bless Louise












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  1. Welcome back! Thanks for posting these great projects. Your Minnie Mouse decorations are adorable!